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It doesn’t take a genius to come up with creative words. In today’s online world, writing in a conversational tone is enough to please everyone. It all started when blogs became popular, and now we see writers at highly acclaimed news sites writing to you in a conversational manner.

If you want to work from home and make money online, writing is one of the most popular choices today. There are several opportunities available, so let’s go over a few of them.

* Starting a Blog – The easiest approach would be starting a blog, because it allows you to freely express your thoughts. Pick something you’re passionate about and then monetize the site to your liking. This can be done through Google Adsense and adding affiliate banners or links to your pages.

* Join a Social Media Outlet – This approach to making money from home revolves around upfront payments and page views. One of the easiest places to get started is Associated Content. They will ask questions about what you enjoy, and then offer pieces to write revolving around them.

Every time someone views your article it creates income. While they’re only pennies, every 1500 views receive $2.00. So the goal is to write something controversial pieces, about entertainment, or within the sports arena.

* Freelancing – The two previous choices can help you learn the ropes and enhance your skills as a writer. When you’re ready to write content for others, freelancing can become a full-time job. There are several places to get your feet, but a good starting point would be Digital Point.

When you want to start making more money, add a profile to Warrior Forum. Eventually you will have so much work it will take up your entire day.

* Subcontracting – Another angle to take is getting hired on for subcontracting positions. If you do a little research, there is plenty of writing service websites. Probably the most popular is Elance or oDesk. The payment setup is different with these sites, so make sure you look each one of them over.

* Ebooks – Once you get a good handle on your writing, creating an eBook can make you a lot of money. It should be about something you consider yourself to be an expert in, or look like you’re knowledgeable anyways.

Everyone’s decision will be different when it comes to making money through writing. Figure out what your current skill level is now and then find the best starting point.

There are thousands of people utilizing online writing as a career. You can too, but it’s important to learn everything you can about the various formats and writing styles needed.

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