Guide to the Amazon Affiliate Programs


Nowadays, there are so many ways to make money online. Amazon associate affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate programs on the internet. Many blog owners claim that they have earned a large amount of money through the Amazon associate affiliate program. You just need to place the Amazon banner on a place where lots of people can see it.

 If you own a website, you can monetize it with the Amazon affiliate program. The Amazon affiliate program lets you add banners and links to your website. Every referral sales you make will earn you some commissions. Usually, you can earn 10 – 15% of commission from selling Amazon affiliate products. If you want to add a banner to the website, you just need to copy the code and paste to the position where you want it to show up. It is very easy to add the banner so you should have no problem in adding them. Amazon affiliate program is great for bringing in extra income every month. You can add Amazon banners or widget to your website to increase the earnings.

 There are six different types of widgets Amazon offers including search, carousel widget, my favorites, deals widget, mp3 clips widget and slideshow widget. The search widget has a search tool which you can use to search for interesting product and buy it. Carousel widget will spin the Amazon products as the customer hover the mouse cursor over it. My Favorites widget allows you to recommend products you like on the Amazon store. Deals widget showcases the latest deals on Amazon. Mp3 clips widget is for music niche website. if you have a music niche website, you can add Amazon widget. The slideshow widget showcases the entire collection of Amazon products such as DVD, books and etc. You can add the widget to a place where people can see so that you can increase sales.

 Usually, websites that receive substantial traffic from the search engine will be able to generate some earnings through Amazon affiliate program. You can advertise your website to increase the Amazon affiliate sales. However, advertising costs money so it is recommended that you promote it by using the free method. You can add Amazon affiliate banners or widgets to all your websites to increase the income. If you use the Amazon advertisements across all your websites, you may be able to generate some substantial income.

 There are two types of commission structures including classic fee structure and performance fee structure. In classic fee structure, you earn 4% commission fee. For some products, they will cap the product fees at $25. In performance fee structure, you can expect to earn a referral rate of 4% – 15%. You can opt to receive payment through check, direct deposit or gift certificates. The payments are only made in U.S. currency. The minimum payout amount for the Amazon affiliate program is $20. Amazon affiliate can help you to generate thousands of dollars per month if your website receives a lot of targeted traffic.

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