6 Important Keys in Choosing Your DropShipper

There are many success stories to be found in the drop shipping industry. The drop shipping process is very simple and straightforward. The seller of the item get the payment in advance from the buyers, then send the money to the supplier, get the item, send it to the customer and earn a profit. As you can see, the seller does not have to handle the merchandise because almost everything [...]

Types of Dropshippers and Importance of Blind Dropshippers

TYPES OF DROP SHIPPERS There are basically two types of dropshipers middlemen dropshippers and master dropshippers. Please find explanation of these dropshippers below. 1. Middlemen Dropshippers:  Drop shipping aggregators also referred to as drop shipping warehouse companies are primarily middlemen who carry out aggressive web advertisements on the web emphasizing on their multiple brand name products to be sold online. Majority of them also provide predesigned websites consisting of these [...]

What is DropShipping?

Drop shipping is a process where the product distributor does all the shipping transactions for you. For instance instead of ordering products in bulk, it stays at the distributor such that when you process a sale, the product is packed and sent directly to your customer and the label of your company is emboldened o the delivery box. Drop shipping favors new online sellers as it requires no startup capital [...]