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Many people are making money through Amazon affiliate program. Before you can make money through Amazon affiliate program, you need to sign up for an Amazon affiliate account. The sales you make through the Amazon affiliate program will be reflected in your account. You can easily create the account and get approved within a few minutes. You just need to have a website to sell the Amazon affiliate products. Most people will write reviews to sell the Amazon affiliate products. You can go to the Amazon store to do research on the products you want to promote. You can buy a keyword matched domain to provide reviews on the specific Amazon product. For example, if you want to promote box springs mattresses, you can buy a domain that contains that keyword. You can hire someone else to write the reviews.

If your website is getting a substantial amount of traffic, you should be able to generate some sales. You can use your existing blogs or websites to sell the Amazon products as well. With Amazon affiliate program, you can add all kinds of advertisements such as links, banners, and widgets. The affiliate links has your associate tag. The associate tag is used to identify your Amazon affiliate account. Whenever a customer clicks through the link and buy the product, the sales will be recorded in your account. You will be paid if you successfully make a sale. There are various sizes and shapes of Amazon banners. Banner is useful for promoting special occasions such as Mother’s Day. For every Amazon sales you make, you can earn up to 15% of commission.

Apart from banners and links, you can also use Amazon widgets. There are several types of Amazon widgets you can add to your website including search widget, carousel widget and my favorite’s widget. The search widget allows the readers to find a product by entering a keyword. Carousel widget shows relevant products that may be of the customers’ interests. My favorites widget allows you to show customers the type of products you recommend them to buy. There are also other types of widgets such as deals widgets, MP3 clips widget, and slideshow widget. Amazon links has the highest conversion rate but you can try other forms of advertisement formats. You can use Amazon advertisements along with other forms of advertisements such as Google Adsense, Yahoo advertisements and etc.

Amazon affiliate program is free to join. You can use advertising solutions such as Google adwords or Adbrite to promote the Affiliate products. You can visit blogs to get tips on how to sell the Amazon affiliate product. If you use a website to promote the Amazon affiliate product, you should keep on promoting it by making it more SEO friendly. If your website is SEO friendly, you will be able to rank on top of the search result. You can use article submissions to promote your Amazon affiliate product website as well. The payout for the Amazon affiliate program is $20.

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