6 Important Keys in Choosing Your DropShipper


There are many success stories to be found in the drop shipping industry. The drop shipping process is very simple and straightforward. The seller of the item get the payment in advance from the buyers, then send the money to the supplier, get the item, send it to the customer and earn a profit. As you can see, the seller does not have to handle the merchandise because almost everything is done by the dropshipper. There are some concerns that arise when you use this type of selling. I have compiled a list of key steps you should follow to generate more sales in the drop-shipping arena. In addition, you need to take your time and study as much as possible about this industry. This is the list.
1. Checking out the reputation of the drop shipper. This step is very important and you need to use the help of the BBB (Better Business Bureau). You need to find out the truth behind the profile of each and every firm you plan to do business with. The BBB report will let you know about the number of complaints filed against a firm, whether they have resolved the complaints or not, and a lot more information.
2. The drop shipper has to tell you about the time needed to fulfill the orders. They should also provide you a tracking number. This way, you will know where the item is at any given time. The tracking number will avoid you many headaches because if the customer does not get the item, then you have something to tell him/her.
3. Your customers should know that your supplier would ship the item not you. This information might be vital for the future of your drop-shipping venture. Customers need to know the time they should wait for the item to arrive. Then, you need to tell them that they need extra time because the item is in the hands of your supplier.
4. You also need to ask your supplier about delivery time. Then, you will pass the information on to your customer. If the item does not arrive on time to the hands of your buyer, then you need to address this issue right away. They need to know that you are there to answer their questions. Legitimate drop shippers do not charge a cent for you to access their accounts. It is imperative that you keep this fact in mind because many of them might ask you to pay a fee.
5. No minimum orders. You need to make sure that there is no minimum order in the inventory of your drop shipper. You might get discounts for larger quantities, but your supplier must provide you the item even if you just order one.
6. Putting your eggs in different baskets. You should shop around to get even better deals from different suppliers. This way, you will avoid the error of putting all your eggs in the same basket. The reason is simple, if something happens to your supplier, you will not be out of business.

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